Pressure Treatment

Treatment ProcessCoolrain Sawmills Ltd has a purpose built industry leading treatment facility to pressure treat your timber to the highest standards. Our supplier of wood preservative and treatment expertise are Arch Timber Protection, which is part of the Lonza Group. They provide us procedures for using their wood preservative and closely monitor that it is done in accordance with these procedures. Our timber is treated in accordance with BS 8417.

Arch Timber Protection specialises in the development and supply of innovative protection products to meet stringent industry and regulatory demands. The EPA regard Tanalith E treated timber off-cuts to be non-hazardous for disposal.

The two types of pressure treated timbers we offer are TANALISED E and TANATONE. TANALISED E has a natural pale green colouration, whilst TANATONE has a built-in rich brown tone.


Pressure Treated Timber

Tanalised E(Suitable for classes 1,2,3 & 4) TANALISED E pressure treated timber has been impregnated with TANALITH E, a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology. Copper is derived from recycled sources and triazoles are organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect many of the food crops we eat. TANALISED E pressure treated timber is usually specified for both in and out of ground contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay or insect attack.

  • An established and proven alternative to traditional chromated/copper/arsenate (CCA) treated timber.
  • Effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack.
  • Proven performance, widely used and accepted worldwide.
  • Conforms to new European Standards and individual countries’ national requirements.
  • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications.


Pressure Treated Timber with Built-in Colour

Tanatone Timber(Suitable for classes 3 & 4) TANATONE pressure treated timber has been impregnated with TANALITH E preservative containing a built-in brown colour. TANATONE is usually specified for fencing and landscaping applications, eliminating the need for brush applied colour at the point of installation.

  • All the protection of TANALISED pressure treated timber with the added benefit of built-in colour.
  • Long-term protection against fungal decay and insect attack.
  • Ideal timber fencing and landscaping applications.
  • Impregnated using vacuum pressure technology.


Use Class (UC) Summary

1 - Internal, dry – for example upper floor joists.
2 - Internal, risk of wetting – for example tile battens.
3.1 - Outdoors, coated, above ground – for example window frames.
3.2 - Outdoors, uncoated, above ground – for example fence rails.
4 - Direct soil or fresh water contact – for example fence posts.


More Information

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